Rewriting for our reader’s sake

This course focuses on some key aspects of the third stage of writing; rewriting. The goal of this course is to help your writing become clearer, more concise, and more readable by polishing up your rewriting and editing skills. During this course we will examine spelling, grammar and punctuation challenges frequently encountered in technical and business writing; we will consider word choices and phrasing that reduce ambiguity and bloated writing; and we will work with sentence structure and organization to improve readability and support the points we are making.

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If you ever struggle with when to use a comma or a semicolon, are vague about using which or that, or find you use too many words to make your point; this course is for you.

We recommend that you take the Effective Writing for Business and Technology course before taking this course. This rewriting course focuses on one aspect of writing and builds on the concepts discussed in the effective writing course.

Writing Summaries and Abstracts

Writing Summaries and Abstracts is a short course that examines the similarities and differences between summaries and abstracts and outlines strategies for developing each effectively.
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Writing Engineering Specifications

Writing Engineering Specifications is a short course that applies the principles and practices of technical writing to preparing Engineering Specifications. The practical, hands-on, approach of this course is designed to assist technical and engineering specialists prepare effective engineering specifications.

By the conclusion of this course you will have:

  • reviewed the structure and use of MasterFormat 2004
  • examined some common mistakes made by writers when preparing engineering specifications
  • practised many of the writing skills necessary to prepare effective, unambiguous specifications

This course uses MasterFormat 2004 as the framework for preparing specifications, however the techniques discussed are equally applicable to any method of specification organization.

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